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4140 Lemmon Avenue
Dallas, TX, 75219
United States


Personal Training

Training in person is usually the most effective way to make progress quickly. A good coach will help remove any roadblocks you may have to get you to your goals.

Personal training can be an integral part of your personal health and fitness journey. A great coach will be able to answer your questions honestly, work with your strengths, and help improve your limitations. Sometimes this might mean that they will say they don't know the answer but will always be learning to help you achieve your goals. Your coach may even need to refer out to another practitioner if an issue arises that falls outside his/her scope.  Like any other trusted advisor, someone with years of experience and the results to match are worth the investment. Your results and needs always come first.

You need to be motivated and consistent to progress. No one can want your success more than you do. Your coach will help you fill in the gaps to make the most of your training.


Session Rates

All sessions are billed monthly via recurring CC autobill. Canceling prior to completing monthly sessions subject to $100 termination fee. No refunds for delivered sessions. All months billed on the 1st of every month. Minimum sessions 8 per month.


8 sessions per month x $100 per session = $800 monthly

10 sessions per month x $95 per session = $950 monthly

12 sessions per month x $90 per session = $1080 monthly