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Dallas, TX, 75219
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Online Training/ Program Design

Training in person with an experienced coach is normally the best option for those who want to make great progress. Sometimes due to time constraints, budget, or geographic limitations in person training is not always an option. Online training can bridge the gap providing the client regular updates and feedback to stay on track. 

Do you love to train? Has your progresses screeched to a halt recently? Maybe you have some old war wounds that seem to be slowing you down. If you are short on time or just don't trust the greenhorn at your local globo gym, let me get you squared away with a plan for a fraction of the cost of working in person.

We can communicate via email, skype, or phone consult monthly to answer questions. You still get personalized programming at a reduced cost that can keep you moving in the right direction. You need to be a self motivated trainee that wants to put in the sweat equity to get the most out of this. I will point you in the right direction and turn you loose and get moving forward again!

Gym membership or well equipped home gyms are required for optimal results in most cases. Any limitations will potentially reduce the effectiveness of programs. Trainees should be highly motivated and consistent to make the most from online training. Billing is pre paid for 12 weeks or monthly recurring autobill. Please contact for further details regarding packages.


Intermediate Level - $110 per month

Advanced Level - $150 per month