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4140 Lemmon Avenue
Dallas, TX, 75219
United States



My name is Travis. I am a certified strength and conditioning coach and Fascial Stretch Specialist - aka The Flexin Texan. Clever right? I have over 10 years of experience coaching clients to better health and wellness.

I specialize in working with those who take ownership of their bodies, enjoy training and being active, and want expert coaching in flexibility and strength. I get results for nicked up weekend warriors and elite level athletes alike. I will help you find better ways to recover faster, train smarter, and feel 10 years younger so you can do all the things you enjoy. 

Do you struggle squatting as deeply as you want? Do your knees ache constantly? Have you abandoned some of the exercises and workouts you loved since a nasty injury, but the doctors say you are fine? How long have you tried to drop a few minutes off your 10K time? 

If you have been sidelined and in a rut, reach out so we can get you on track! I have worked with ages 11-88 years old. Average joes, NCAA and NFL football players, NBA ballers, and track and field throwers. I know how to find what is holding you back. Let me be your coach and show you a better way.

Take back your body, accelerate your results, and get started today.